I remember my childhood years, while my grandmother was among us.
Oh, those beautiful summer days had the smell of Apricot Marmalade & traditional spoon sweet. My grandmother Despina, loved the old greek tradition and it's secrets. On the other hand, my mother grew up in Africa & and she taught us unknown spices and seeds. But they had a simple thing in common. Both of them used jars to stock their delicious creations.
And then Jar-a came to life...

Our Name

- Mom, please! Can I have some Spoon Sweet?
- You're a grown young man now! Open the fridge and serve yourself! Get the sweet from our small jara!
It took us a long of time to get used to greek language. Our luggages still had the smell of our house back in Australia . Our summers though had a completely brand new taste! A taste of Traditional grape spoon sweet & Apricot Jam! My mother and my grandmother used to drink greek coffee together and discussing about old recipes and new ways of cooking and baking! A great combination of two completely different ladies. A combination of differents tastes & tricks as well.  ...And we still were confused about our English and Greek skills... Greeklish was our new language. So, Yala means Jar.
But even today we still serve the spoon sweet from our small Jara...


My kids always request your marmalades! Every afternoon we enjoy our tea and some bread with Apple & Ginger jam!
Absolutely Delicious! You are the perfect young farmer!
Philippe Avijn
Ex member of European Parliament, ecologist & activist.
I love your Blackberry & Wine marmalade! The combination is so fine and balanced!
Best Tomato marmalade ever!
Lovely Jams!
Great details! I love your bags & packages!

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