To know us better


If you ever had the opportunity to visit the northern part of Samos, would be easy for you to observe vineyards, olive trees and lots of fruits. 

Our ancestors back in time, used to call our land blessed and restless. I’ve always been impressed of how grateful they felt. Grateful for what nature can bring on the table.

Our Land

You can find our farm on the lowlands of Vourliotes village. Years and years ago this area  was well known for its stone-built wineries. Our grandfathers used to spend their summertime here in order to take care of their vineyard. etc.

Today, we cultivate peaches, blackberries, figs and many more fruits and vegetables. We chose to keep it 100% organic and offer original taste and quality to everyone.


It is well known that flavours and smells can trigger strong memories. Sometimes even for a couple of minutes, we’re travelling back to our childhood years. Other times, a flavour or a smell is strongly connected to our vacation memories. So, every time we try it, there’s an emotion of freedom and calmness.

The right word to describe this feeling is “Nostalgia”. This beautiful greek word is our inspiration.

In addition, influenced by the traditional recipes of Samos, we created Jara Homemade in 2019. A homemade line of organic and vegan products, made with love. 

Available for you to try them and create your future Nostalgia.



Our shop in Samos

In July of 2020, our first corner launched on the beautiful village of Vourliotes. Eleni & Diamantis place hosted our products for the very first time.

A year after, Eleni & Diamantis place becomes Jara bistro and opens its doors in June. A place for dinner, dessert, homemade refreshments, laughes and shopping.