Jara Bistro

The story of the historical building

"Triantaffylia's dowry"

It's hard to conclude to an accurate date of the building's construction. The estimated decade though is in 1870's.
The first known owner of the bistro was Alekos Polychrones, a butcher and winemaker from Vourliotes. According to tradition, the butcher shop supposed to be the wedding gift to his precious daughter Triantafyllia.
Due to a financial crisis, Alekos finally was forced to sell it.

There are things in life destined to happen. So, a young man named Manolis Lagos bought the place and got married to Triantaffylia.
Manolis was the son of Michalis Lagos, a Samian trader and later land owner. He used to travel to Smyrna due to his work routine and was the one who brought the mirror, the clock and other heirlooms.

Alekos, Triantafyllia & Alexandra Polychrones.
Lagos Despina & Kostas

"Bistro Krystal"

In 1915, Manolis Lagos was officially the new owner of the place. He turned it into a bistro and gave it a new life. Back then only men were allowed to visit those places and share a glass of wine, some “meze” and  smoke hookah. Triantafyllia spent her time at home doing the householding.

In 1951, Kostas Lagos, the second son of Manoli and Triantafyllia, took over the management of the cafe. A few years before, his eldest brother,  Andreas tried it as well but he left it.

Kostas and his wife Despina, named the place Krystal and wrote a long long story together.

Everyone knew Despina’s delicious food and spoon sweets. In late 60’s the first tourists visited Krystal.

In 1982, Kostas Lagos got sick and the small bistro closed its doors. Two years after, he finally deceased. Despina passed away in 2016.


Eleni & Diamantis

In 1990 Diamantis, the son of Kostas and Despina, left Australia for ever and moved back to Greece. 

It was in 1996, when Diamantis and his wife Eleni renovated the old building and tunded it into a restaurant. It was a lifetime ride and many of the customers became good  friends and supporters. Nobody will ever forget those beautiful days.

In 2020, after Diamantis retirement, Eleni & Diamantis chapter closed. 



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